Fabienne Esparza holds a BA in Geography from UCSB, a MA in Religious Education from Loyola Marymount University and a MA in Administration from St. Mary’s College in Moraga. She taught in Catholic schools in   Bakersfield, Denver and Castro Valley before serving as a principal in the dioceses of Oakland, Fresno, Monterey and San Jose. Esparza teaches catechist training classes, and has been a featured speaker at catechist events in Northern California, on the Central Coast and the Central Valley, as well as NCEA conventions.


40 Hour Basic Catechist Course Outline

Knowledge of the Faith
Catechists will review key tenets of the Catholic faith in regard to God’s ongoing revelation and the nature of our response, Sacred Scripture, the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds, and the centrality of Christ in all catechesis, as well as the Church as mystery, both human and divine, and explore how Mary and the saints are honored and remembered.

Nature and Purpose of Catechesis
Catechists will examine the role of initiating and ongoing catechesis, learn about the
catechumenate process, compare catechesis and evangelization, learn of the
influences of cultures, and trace the history of catechesis.

Liturgical Life
Catechists will review the elements, richness and meaning of liturgy and the

Christian Prayer
Catechists will review the purpose of prayer, and explore various styles of prayer.

Communal Life
Catechists will articulate that all are part of a community of believers called by Baptism to witness, worship and serve.

Catechists will understand the primary task of evangelization is a clear proclamation of the Word as the Person of Jesus and the giving witness to the Good News.

Catechists will recognize and respect the broad diversity of Catholic traditions.

Catechists will articulate the work of the Holy Spirit in catechesis, become proficient in developing lessons and become familiar with the variety of resources available
catechetical lessons.

Additional 5 Hour Online Courses

Saints Inspire Us - Catechists will understand the process to sainthood, as well as the lives of a variety of saints are inspirations to all.

Prayer and Spirituality - Catechists will explore types of prayer and spirituality to promote their spiritual lives.

Popes and the Church - Catechists will learn how popes are chosen and their impact on the universal Church.

Embracing Advent - Catechists will develop a series of lesson plans to promote the season of Advent.

Living Lent - Catechists will develop a series of lesson plans which focus on the journey through Lent.